Benefits of Laravel development services for website

Benefits of Laravel development services for website

Posted on: 29 Oct, 2021

Laravel is the go-to MVC PHP framework, to design and develop the most feature-rich web application to this day. The framework follows the model view controller design pattern to make your web applications organized and more practical than ever.

The platform is robust and over 56,00 developers all around the world use the Laravel framework. But what makes this framework so popular in the first place?

Let us dive right in and figure it out.



Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for web applications



Maximum security


In this era of technology, security is one of the biggest concerns for most enterprises. Using Laravel as your framework allows you to enjoy the highest level of security on your web applications.

This framework prevents malicious software to enter, preventing harmful SQL injections or damaging the application. As a result, your web development code stays secure at all times.


MVC architecture


One of the greatest features that make Laravel stand out from other PHP frameworks is the MVC architecture.

With the Model View Controller architecture, we get various built-in functionalities in the web development process. The MVC architecture also allows superior documentation than any other PHP framework.


Excellent speed


Making a web application does not benefit the enterprise if it is not fast for the user. The faster the web experience is for your potential customer, the better the chance for them to convert into loyal clients.

With Laravel, you can use cache backends like Redis, Memcached. With the Laravel framework, it is even possible to configure more than one chance configuration to make the web experience faster than ever.


Automation of Testing


Before launching your next development, the first thing you must do is test every part of the software. This will ensure that there is no unintended crash, bugs, errors and everything is in line with the requirements.

But testing can take a massive amount of the overall development time that can cost the organization a lot of money in the long run. But with the Laravel framework, the automation of testing makes the whole process effortless and less time-consuming.

Laravel comes with phpunit.xml for testing and has various helper methods to simulate the basic actions of a user. By this automation, we can easily examine the request and output to check for bugs and errors effortlessly.

Database migration


Last but not least, the noteworthy advantage of Laravel that we are going to look at is the migration of the database. This framework allows developers to easily undo any changes that are made to the database and share the database with other developers easily.

This not only makes the whole development process more efficient but also saves a lot of development time.

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