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Different Ways For Keeping The Private Keys Safe

Different Ways For Keeping The Private Keys Safe

Posté le: 09 Oct, 2021

Different Ways For Keeping The Private Keys Safe


There are different wallet users. If you are a hardware wallet user, hiding the private key is not an issue. But not all hardware wallets are equally safe. If you want the best secure device, then you can do for those who have CC EAL5+ Secure Element microchip. If you do not have hardware wallets, there are different ways to keep the private keys safe.


1.      Try Buying Or Downloading DIRECT 


Suppose you want to avoid comprised wallet. Then you can go for DIRECT. Firstly, you have to ensure that the wallet you choose is trusted and under a big community. Even you can buy from a reseller but make sure that it is by a trusted party. If it is not a trusted party, then do not go for it.

Otherwise, you can become the victim of a supply chain attack. Even the spammers can trick you in many other ways too. If you choose software like Exodus, MyEtherWallet, etc., you must ensure that your computer is malware-free. There are many software wallets that can also be a scam.


2.      Never Buy Used Hardware


Some of you might be thinking of going for a second-hand hardware wallet. Many people go for buying second-hand wallets to save few bucks. But experts say DON'T do this. You should never go for it. The keys are usually extracted in second-hand wallets. So, buying such wallets can be a very risky thing.


3.      Don’t Go For A Pre Generated Key.


Suppose you are a newbie and an inexperienced crypto owner. Then you can get scammed by buying a hacked software wallet, mainly on Amazon or eBay. Even there are cards inside the hardware package that have 24 words recovery seed.


4.      Don’t Go For Wallet That Is Used By Your Family Or Friends.


No matter how closed you are, you can get scammed by your dear ones as well. You must make sure that you have generated an original key and your wallet is not tempered. Then it is okay to use that one. Otherwise, we will never suggest you to go for this thing.


5.      Private Wallet


We suggest you set your wallet alone. Make sure that you do not include anyone. Not your friend, family, or a local customer support or tech person. Even do not ask them to help you out. Anyone can betray you. Trusting anyone can get you into a big problem. Make sure that you own a wallet where no one knows anything about you.


6.      Make Sure To Keep Private Key OFFLINE


You must make sure that your private key is offline. After creating the private key or recovery seed from the best and safe wallet, make sure to make it offline all time. If your information is connected to the internet, there are chances that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Here are some of the best tips for keeping your wallet safe. We hope you like them. Stay in touch for more suggestions. 

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