Get more value from your coming soon page

Get more value from your coming soon page

Posted on: 24 Nov, 2021

Coming soon pages are one of the biggest assets of any business pre-launch. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the coming soon page and build their brand even before they start selling their services or products. A coming soon page is effective especially for those who already have a physical store and looking for an online upgrade.

The basic idea beneath the coming soon page is pretty straightforward. Create a hype, build awareness and generate conversation before your product or service comes out. Here are some of the ways you can get more value from your coming soon page and take your online business to a whole new level.


Explain to your visitors what is “coming soon”


Even though this is a no-brainer, many businesses forget to explain what is coming soon by focusing more on lead generation. The goal of the coming soon page is not only to generate traffic and hype around your new product or business but also to generate demand.

And to generate demand, you need to make sure your potential customer know what they can expect even before making the purchase.


Acquire customer feedback


Acquiring customer feedback is an integral part of your coming soon page. While you describe your concept, you have to see how your audience reacts to it.

This is priceless information that you can use it further develop your product or service according to the market demand.


Provide a timeline


To take more advantage of your coming soon page, you should offer your audience a solid timeline for the launch. You can do this by simply displaying a launch date on the page. You can do one even better and show a countdown time along with the launch date to create more anticipation for your launch.


Building the Email List


This is by far the most important part of your coming soon page. Once you have established the value proposition and created the expectation in the minds of your potential customers, it is time for you to gather leads.

And the pre-launch phase is the perfect time to start building your email list. If you are already generating traffic towards your business, you must keep them from going away. To make sure they subscribe to your email list, you can offer them some things in return.

You can offer them,

  • Early bird discounts
  • Development content
  • Free sample product or service
  • Contest entry for discounts

Incentives like these will keep your visitors engaged and make them subscribe to your email list.

Motivate your visitors to spread the word about your launch


The coming soon page is also a great way to motivate your visitors so they can spread the word about your launch.

You need to provide such ideas and content on the page that people share with their network. But offering them incentives in return for sharing your coming soon page on social media is the best course of action.


Making a coming soon page is not mandatory as not all business needs one. But If you are already looking to raise awareness and get more value from your coming soon page, make sure to follow the tips listed above.

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