UI vs UX | What is the difference?

UI vs UX | What is the difference?

Posted on: 15 Nov, 2021

There are many age-old debates in the design world for many years now. And UI vs UX is arguably the biggest one of them. Many beginner designers wonder what is the true difference between UI and UX, as they seem correlated and sometimes the same thing. But there is more to them than it meets the eye.

If you are someone new to the world of design or looking to hire a designer for your project, knowing the difference can save you quite a lot of time. So, let us dive right in and enrich our minds with the general understanding of these two terms.


What is the difference between UI and UX?


Let us take a look at an analogy to have a better understanding of these essential parts of the design. Imagine the product you are working with is a fully grown human body. If that is the case, then the UX design represents the organs that support and optimize the overall functionality of the product, the UI design represents the cosmetics of the human body, and the skeleton represents the back-end code behind the whole structure.

In other words, the UX elements refer to the experience the user will have while interacting with your product or service. While the UI mainly focuses on aesthetic elements like colors, arrangements, typography, and much more.

To dive in even further, let us take a look at Google for example. Google is without a doubt the most used search engine and widely accepted solution to finding everything on the internet. You can simply type out what you are searching for and the results will come in the blink of a second.

Now simply imagine, if you do the same search on google with the same interface, but this time it takes 10 seconds to get the result.  Although your interface will look the same, the experiment you will have as a user will not.

That means the UX designer will focus on the conceptual aspects of the overall design process. That includes how the journey of the user will start to how it will solve a problem for them. And the UI designer focuses on how that solution surfaces in a clean-looking and functional interface.

So in the designing world, the UI designer is the architect and the UX designer is the civil engineer.


Final thoughts


What we cover about UI vs UX is just the tip of the iceberg. But hopefully, this post will give you a general understanding of the terms and allow you to have a deeper understanding when you work with your designer teams.

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