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Efficient quote creation is an advanced CRM that offers an integrated quotation module to simplify the transaction process. This module allows you to sort your quotations by date or view the last 30 days. You can view all your quotations, the total HT, TTC and the associated taxes. By using the designated buttons, you can create a quotation in a simplified way, modify it or update your accounting settings. This module gives you a complete overview of all your quotations and allows you to effectively manage your transactions. Simplify your quotation management process with and its integrated quotation module.

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Management of service and product invoices

The SoClose CRM invoicing module allows you to efficiently manage your service and product invoices. It offers you the possibility to create detailed sheets for each service or product offered, and to classify them using personalized categories. You can also create recurring invoices, manage credit notes and follow the activity history of your collaborators. The invoicing module also gives you a clear overview of invoice information such as outstanding amount and total amount. It makes it easier to manage your invoices and allow you to make informed decisions to improve your performance.

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Simplification of accounting management

SoClose's payment and receipt module simplifies the management of your accounting by allowing you to import your invoices, receipts, salaries and account statements in a few clicks. The software automatically calculates VAT and deducts expenses to provide you with real-time monitoring of your accounting before submitting it to your accountant. You can also use "Tags" to filter and sort your invoices according to your needs.

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Payment/Receipts TVA

Real-time VAT tracking

SoClose's Payment/VAT Receipt module gives you a complete view of all your business expenses in one place. It allows you to easily track shopping invoices, payments, receipts, personal expenses and salaries in a monthly list. You can also have easy access to prices excluding VAT, including VAT and the amount of VAT. This module is particularly useful for monitoring VAT on a monthly basis and to ensure that you are in tax compliance. It also makes it easier to manage your business finances by letting you track your expenses in real time.

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Effective vendor management

The SoClose Supplier module allows you to efficiently manage your relationships with your suppliers. It allows you to create, store and organize records for each supplier in detail. It is also possible to use them directly for the creation of products. This module makes it easier to manage your suppliers and allows you to easily track important information for your business.

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Real-time news feed

The newsfeed module of our CRM allows you to follow the publications and news of your company and your collaborators in one place. It works as an internal social network for your company, allowing you to share posts and let your colleagues react to them. You also have access to a full news feed to keep up with all of your team's posts. In addition, you can directly connect your Twitter feed for better visibility of your news. This module is particularly useful for tracking technical points or tips related to your business that are important in the long term. Be up to date with all your company's news with our innovative newsfeed module.

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Internal thematic discussions

The Forum module of SoClose gives you a space to discuss with your colleagues on specific topics related to your company. It allows you to create topic maps and keep them open for other members of your CRM. This module is ideal for discussing technical points or sharing tips that can be useful over a long period of time. It is an effective tool to improve communication and collaboration within your team.

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Boosting team productivity

SoClose's Gamification module allows you to set up reward systems to boost the productivity of your teams. It helps you develop the internal skills of your employees by encouraging them to achieve individual and team goals to improve their performance. Use it to create a culture of challenge and self-improvement in your company.

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The dashboard module to analyze your results.

The SoClose dashboard module allows you to easily track your business performance at a glance. It is designed to meet all of your analytical needs by providing you with a clear overview of your financial statistics, budgets, ongoing projects, tasks to be completed, sales, and registered users. With easy-to-use visual charts, you can easily track the progress of your business and make informed decisions to improve your performance.

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Sales tracking by employee and team

SoClose's ranking module allows you to track the performance of your employees in terms of sales in an efficient way. It lets you see the individual sales of each member of your team, as well as categorize them by team for a more holistic analysis. This feature allows you to follow the evolution of your company's sales and make informed decisions to improve the performance of your team.

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Scheduling events and appointments is a powerful CRM for teams that features an innovative appointment scheduling module. With a sleek design and advanced features, our calendar allows you to schedule appointments faster and makes it easier to book appointments. No more wasting time coordinating meetings, our tool is made for all of your projects and simplifies the management of your professional appointments. With options for invitations and attachments, you can easily exchange with your clients or partners to organize effective meetings. Trust to manage your professional appointments in a simple and efficient way.

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Project Requests

Project follow-up by team

The Project module of SoClose allows you to easily create, manage, and duplicate projects. You can set multiple project categories for each project and when creating a project task, you must associate it with a customer name. You can also associate a project with multiple activities, accounts, opportunities, and business. The module includes features such as creating a new project, viewing the project list, displaying project tasks, and importing a project directly via a CSV file. This module helps you effectively manage and track all your projects in one central location.

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Lead Management

The Prospects module of SoClose allows you to effectively manage your leads in one place. You can change the status of your prospect on this list to 6 different statuses: Waiting, Pre-qualified, Called Back, Completed, Converted Client, and Refused. With these 6 statuses, you can also sort your list of prospects by status. To sort records in the leads list, click on any column title that can be sorted. This allows you to sort the column in ascending or descending order. You can also edit, download, assign, or simply delete leads that you have already created. To modify, download, assign, or simply delete, you can click on the "lead" button and follow the easy instructions. To merge duplicate leads, select records in the leads list, then click on the Merge link in the actions list at the top of the page.

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Customer follow-up and management

The SoClose Customers module is designed to give you an easy and efficient overview of all your customers. It allows you to quickly see the status, project category, open amounts and costs associated with each customer. You can also filter your client list by username, team project or date for better management of your contacts. In case of loss of a customer, you have the possibility of deactivating his file in the list for a simplified management of your contacts.

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Organization of tasks by project

Businesses need to make a list of the tasks they need to accomplish, or the things they want to do. SoClose CRM offers you a business management tool that helps you list these tasks and schedule them with the ToDo List module, making business operations easier. The features of the ToDo List module are: - Planning of general activities to be done. - Recurrence on each activity. - Prioritization of each activity. - Activities can be filtered according to the user.

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API Documentation

Process automation

The API module of allows you to integrate our CRM with your own systems and applications. It offers you a variety of options to access and use data on your customers, marketing campaigns and transactions. The API documentation is a key resource to understand features and capabilities of our API and troubleshoot any issues. It is also accessible to developers to ask questions about syntax and features. By using our API module, you can automate processes, improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and get real-time data to make informed decisions.

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Tracking activities and roles is a comprehensive CRM that offers a powerful Users module. This module allows you to view a complete list of all users in your system. It gives you a quick overview of the tasks, appointments, communications, and documents of each user. You can also access the details of each profile to see the permissions based on each person's role. This module is an essential tool for effectively managing your team and gives you an overview of the tasks and activities of each person. It also allows you to create a new user with one click using the "Create" button. Take control of your team with and its Users module.

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Creation of groups of collaborators

The Team module of SoClose CRM allows you to efficiently manage your work teams. It lets you create groups of people by naming them, making it easier to manage projects with distinct teams. This module is ideal for companies that work on several projects simultaneously and want to have an overview of their teams. It allows you to easily track the members of each team, their assignment to projects, and their performance. It also helps you organize everyone's tasks and responsibilities, for better collaboration and effective communication.

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Inventory tracking and management

In SoClose CRM, you can manage your company's products that are sold to customers or purchased from suppliers. Sales and purchasing departments can use the Products module effectively according to their department's process. If your company procures products from suppliers and then sells them to customers at a markup, the sales and purchasing departments can coordinate more effectively. Sales departments can use the products module together with other modules, such as leads, suppliers, analytical tables, invoices... Purchasing departments can use the module with sales and marketing teams. Product details contain product name, category, sub-category, part numbers, manufacturing, stock price, status and date... You can edit and import data directly on this module.