Business Branding

Business Branding

It is the procedure of creation that strengthens your professional services brands. Team at So Close helps our customers for developing their brands by aligning products with your business objectives. We develop brands with the help of the tools of communication such as website development, tagline and logo. It is significant your business because we are well-aware of the significance of brand development. We offer our services in the way to grab the maximum audience.

Corporate Identity

So close knows how to develop corporate identity because we know its importance for the business is extremely integral. It is very important marketing strategy for the company so we design your logo more attractive and impressive. All identity tools are significant expression of the company. It has their own morphology and is the manifestation of the company on the industry for the users and in the industry. The selection of colors must be professional and according to the business strategy. We are careful for choosing the hues for your business identity.

Media Buying and Planning

It is a process of negotiating, purchasing and strategizing inventory and ad placements. We target audience for improving the business profit. Our team takes the responsibility of media buying. The choice of the graphic or image must be done very wisely. It must be attractive, eye catching and impressive. We perform with incredible media planning on modern tools. We take the responsibility of logging into ad server. We use media type and tags for size.

OOH(Out of home)

By using the innovative OOH industry we introduce new audience ratings system, innovative business practices, new materials, lighting, convergence and modern digital technologies. We arrange your marketing from digital boards to billboards, from kiosks to bus wraps, from city streets to highways, from shopping malls to airports, from night to morning. Our team will make your marketing campaign successful with excellent strategy of OOH.