Security Improvement

Security Improvement

Worried about DDOs attacks, spam, virus, malware? Well, no more worries now. At SoClose, our IT security team knows how to develop your sites and apps with the tactics that make it exclusive online because you have landed on the right platform where we follow incremental techniques to give modern security measures to your website. In this way, we are committed to give a young project within the expected and timeframe budget. We create intuitive, engaging, fun and reliable sites and apps that can be a big investment in the future for your business. It helps you make the most out of your marketing campaign.

How to we perform for security improvement?

Let use scan your website, check full security audits and monitor malicious activity. We know that there are unlimited websites compromised because of the outdated software. Potential bots and hackers can scan your site to attack. Our team will update your software and keep plugins up-to-date because updates are vital to security of your website. To keep your website secured, it is important to have a secure URL. Our team will scan your site, if it offers to send private information. We give you HTTP to deliver it.

Expert team at SoClose can analyze network security and makes it more suitable for you by applying for the firewall application. You need a backup to prevent your website from data loss. From start to end, our team follows an entirely transparent method with the execution of advanced software and tools.

We choose your CMS, and change your default settings immediately, if bots rely on is for the users to have their CMS settings on default. In this way, we help prevent a large number of attacks form existing.